Wednesday, March 26, 2008

How to enhance that winning appearance of yours- Volume 3

Finally an end to the madness!

How to enhance that winning appearance of yours- Volume 3

Ok. This is the last one.

What are we dealing with today???


1. When talking to anyone, girls especially, quit talking about yourself. They don’t want to hear it. Unfortunately they want you to ask them about them. The more time you spend asking about who they are and what they are interested in, the more likely they are to not run away screaming.

2. If you actually manage to get a girl to listen to you for 5 seconds, think carefully about what you will say. Above all be your self. I say this cautiously. If this means you start talking about your achievements on XBOX live, I take it back. Don’t be yourself. However, being yourself doesn’t mean talking about yourself. See #1. The more you listen, the more you matter.

3. EYE CONTACT!!! Big one. Keep your peepers locked on target. I don’t mean stalker style but just make sure to maintain focus. They will appreciate this. But don’t get creepy!!! Unless you are totally inept at social awareness you will be able to sense when to break a stare.

4. Clothes. Clothes reflect the man. I don’t mean this totally serious however there are personal reflections that can be noticed based on dress. Don’t wear things that scream tech, nerd, geek. I can’t even believe I am writing any of this…

Ok. That’s it.

My three day rant on how to not LOOK like you come all things silicon… and silicone for that matter… is over!

Catch ya tomorrow~

~Shoehead tech.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

How to enhance that winning appearance of yours- Volume 2

More advice from the guy who thinks he knows everything….

How to enhance that winning appearance of yours- Volume 2

Ok. Here’s the second of three installments that are gonna help you get your shit together-


Sitting up straight has more benefits than you can shake a laser pointer at.

Not only is it good for your health, (circulatory, respiratory, etc..) it makes you look taller, more confident and more like someone who doesn’t sit in a chair all day.

2. In reference to number 1….. BUY A GOOD CHAIR!!

If you are going to be spending a lot of time in front of your computer, don’t be a penny pincher…. Spend those online poker bucks on a solid computer chair with good support for both back and legs.

When your old and sore, you’ll thank me.

3. WORK OUT! Something other than just your right arm… Or left if that’s how you roll.

My advice here is simple. Pushup and sit-ups.

Simple and effective, used by militaries around the world for as long as anyone can remember.

While your waiting for the latest World of Warcraft patches to download or your flying between Ironforge and Stormwind, just start pumpin ‘em out.

I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND buying the Perfect Pushup- It’s only 40 bucks and you’ll get quick results.

4. Start a vitamin regime.

Crucial if you ask me. Odds are if you are sitting in front a computer all day you aren’t getting outside much and aren’t getting your vitamin d. So pick some up!

I would recommend getting capsules that are 2000 IU (international units.)

Other than that, talk to a nutritionist or do some research. You’ll thank me later.


By this point your thinking, I thought this was a tech column?????

Well yea. It is. Tech-life.

I want you to be around to read this tomorrow so bear with me-

That’s all for today-

Catch ya tomorrow~

~Shoehead tech.

Monday, March 24, 2008

How to enhance that winning geek appearance of yours- Volume 1

So your sitting at your desk:

Slouched. Bad breath. Bad skin.

You can type 120 words per minute, make 60k+ a year, drive a nice car, and you can’t get a date to save your life.

What’s the deal here?

How to enhance that winning geek appearance of yours- Volume 1

The last date you had that actually lasted more than one night was the $2.95 free trial to your favorite porn site that you had to buy because finally realized you were using a hacked name and password.

Well you’re not doomed and you’re not alone.

Here are some things you can do to BEGIN to spruce up your image a bit.

Now of course I realize that you’re a nice guy- Probably a great conversationalist (not on aim), great cook (microwaves don’t count), given the chance, probably fairly romantic (buying lube doesn’t count.)

Unfortunately as much as we like to distance ourselves from nature we are still animals, you and I. Watch one Planet Earth and you’ll see that all the male animals have all the bright colors and fancy dance moves… not pocket protectors and hacked I-phones.

So here’s four easy things you can do in-between projects at work, between levels, or whatever free time you might have to start carving out that lady-killer inside. These may be a bit random but you need to start somewhere and these are some of the easiest.


The benefits for this are almost too many to mention. Your entire appearance will brighten as well as reduce the effects of sitting in front a computer screen all day.

The list goes on and on why soda is bad for you.

Don’t be an idiot,

2. Buy some FLOURADENTS.

Not only will these get your “too many soda ridden lan-party” teeth back into shape, it will also begin to improve the quality of breath in that stinky mouth of yours.

Keep ‘em at your desk, pick one up every now and again and start taking care of those things..

Assuming you can get close enough to a girl to kiss her without her pressing charges, you’ll thank me.

You can get these at most any toof section of a box mega-store.

3. Wear deodorant!

This is a no brainer but it’s amazing how many people don’t do this. Also, avoid deodorant that contains aluminum. Not only is it suspected to be a factor in memory loss and other shitty things that can happen to you, it also stains those white t’s yellow on the pits, especially if you are a sweater, and I know how sweaty it can get when you are editing code or playing a round of call of duty.

Yellow pits are not considered attractive by women. Trust me.

4. No Haircuts under 20 bucks.

At this point you’re thinking, “What the hell is this guy talking about?”

Yes, a lot of girls notice.

And please, no bowlcuts.


Ok that’s all for now-

Catch ya soon.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Tech Update


Sorry to miss you guys yesterday.

Been crazy busy this week trying to compile a killer lineup for next week.

We here at The Shoehead only want the best for you.

That being said I am still trying to formulate what exactly I want my writings to cover. The Tech lifestyle is very broad and dynamic, I only want to give you the best insight I can into making it all it can be-

Just be patient and keep checking back because I would rather have you read something compelling that just waste your time.

Here’s a little taste of what’s coming soon-

Friday of this week: Pimp that IPOD

Monday: The Sheik Geek Volume 1

Tuesday: The Sheik Geek Volume 2

Wednesday: Final installment of The Sheik Geek

Thursday: New Products to watch in 2008

Friday: Get the most out of your PS3 with some killer apps

Just you wait- Check back and you’ll see-

We’ll catch ya soon-

Monday, March 17, 2008

Me Know Tech, You Like Gadgets

This will be your source for all things TECH! New products, gadgets, buying guides, reviews, you name it, its here.

We here at theshoehead want to keep you as updated we can.

Keeping in mind that the world we live in is now completely wired, connected, uploaded, downloaded, browsed, surfed, blogged, rss’ed, you name it you can find it on the internet; one comes to find so much to choose from in the world of gadgetry, consumer electronics, software, hardware, etc., it makes it hard to start the column with anything except….

More to come tomorrow!!!

Well ok. You called my bluff.


Just to keep things interesting as I fight through my St. Patty’s day haze (I mean starting a new column on St. Patty’s day??? That’s just dumb)… So in an effort to at least appear responsible I thought I would just simply post a few SHOEHEAD endorsed MUST VISIT websites that I peruse daily:

I mean cmon?

If you haven’t heard of this yet…. Where the hell have you been?

These guys are absolutely rotten and one of my favorite sites.

A must visit for all things gadgetry…

Seriously… If you’ve ready this far down, your as much as a geek as I am…

If you are still using Napster I will beat the shit out of you.


This is just a small sample to get you started.

As I continue my efforts to explore the nuances of the interweb… I’ll be updating my list of sites that we here at theshoehead feel demand our support. We are in this together after all.

Ok. Im off to the bars!

(you know… bars? The place you meet real people??)


I’ll get back at you tomorrow-

-Shoehead TECH